Knowsley Medical Centre

Covid 19 – Coronavirus – Information

We want to make patients aware of the following information when attending the surgery:

  • Please do not attend the surgery unless advised to do so by a member of staff as attendance at the practice will be only where absolutely clinically necessary
  • We will continue offering alternative models of delivery for patient appointments, including telephone, video and online services
  • The practice will operate a strict entry procedure and you make be requested to wait outside until safe space is available
  • We will take your temperature and ask some screening questions before allowing entry to the building
  • Patients are requested to wear the own face coverings
  • Patients should wash hands when arriving at the practice and when leaving, after using the bathroom, and after coughing/ sneezing or blowing or wiping the nose
  • Seating within the surgery has been limited to take into account social distancing (please observe any messages)
  • We ask that only the patient enters the surgery (exceptions made for those requiring carers e.g. children)
  • Wherever possible please retain a 2 metre space between yourselves and others, (staff and other patients)
  • Patients should remove coats and/ or jumpers, where appropriate/ possible, so that they are bare below the elbow, with no hand or wrist jewellry

COVID Vaccinations

The COVID vaccination programme is due to start on December 15th 2020, check locally for details of eligibility and vaccine site

Click here for a link to the vaccination leaflet

Date published: 25th June, 2020
Date last updated: 10th December, 2020